Children's Beach at dawn

Children's Beach at dawn

BTG AUGUST 3 Life Member
annual Luncheon

Dear Life Members,
We look forward to BTG “life members” joining in our annual celebration. This is an opportunity to join friends and perhaps meet new ones, get an update on what’s happening in the BTG world, and enjoy a lovely meal and good conversation.

Our featured speaker is Lori Brockbank, a certified arborist, the president of the NYS ISA Chapter, recipient of the Urban Forestry Partnership Award in 2014 for her leadership, a volunteer for the Tree Fund and much more. To put it simply, she knows trees.

With the recent 100th year anniversary dedication of the Arboretum, Lori will follow up with a factual, enlightening and humorous talk about trees. “Trees have a story to tell”. Be energized as we reflect on planting trees as it is in its own special way a chance to save the world and nurturing a garden, is in, its own special way a means to save the world’s people.

**** Start your Life Luncheon day with a complimentary morning tour of the Arboretum by Betsy Burgeson, Supervisor of Landscapes and Gardens. Meet at the Arboretum under the Bird Arch at 9:30am for a 30 minute tour. BTG intends to 'certify' our Arboretum and we're offering Life Members a behind the scenes tour of this restored space! Arrive casual with walking shoes - there will be plenty of time to get dressed for lunch! Limit 30 life members. If you want to attend the tour contact:

Friday August 3, 2018
Gather at noon and begin the meal at 12:15
$37 made out to Chautauqua BTG or Chautauqua Bird, Tree and Garden Club; can be sent to Box 721
To pay by credit card access and click the black button on the Home Page: life luncheon
Payment is requested by July 27

*** Not a life member? It's not too late to join! Please signed up as a new life member on this website under Membership and register for the lunch! Thank you for joining BTG and supporting our mission! The luncheon is only for life members. We welcome your participation and involvement in BTG! 

*** Off grounds members without a Chautauqua pass can ask for a meal pass to the hotel 

Life Member Luncheon
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