Noteworthy Trees

Chautauqua Institution's Top 10 Largest Trees

10 15 North Lake 48" Red Oak
9 21 S. Terrace Ave 48" Red Oak
8 Hall of Education 48" Red Oak
7 Sherwood Studios 50" Silver Maple
6 Alumni Hall 51" Red Oak
5 Miller Bell Tower 54" Red Oak
4 31 Ames 55" Red Oak
3 Lena Hall 56" Ash
2 22 Emerson 57" Silver Maple
1 Hawthorne Ave. 60" Red Oak

As of Fall 2015 Survey

trees Throughout the Grounds


On a cool August 2016 morning, a burr oak tree was dedicated to the seventeenth president of the Chautauqua Institution, esteemed friend of BTG Tom Becker. Suzanne Aldrich, BTG President provided opening remarks. Archivist Jon Schmitz discussed the significance of Miller Park as the bedrock of this place. Supervisor of Landscaping and Grounds Betsy Burgeson described the top ten characteristics that the Burr Oak and Tom Becker share. BTG Board Member and Bat Chat lady Caroline Bissell recited the poem she wrote honouring Tom. The event concluded with remarks of thanks by Tom accompanied by Jane Becker. A framed copy of the dedication poem was given to the Beckers as a reminder of the event. 

George Gershwin in 1925 at Chautauqua Institution enjoying the out doors leaning against a tree. While staying at the Carey Cottage, he composed Concerto in F spending time in the Institution practice shacks.