Experiential Learning  &  Guided Discovery!

Nature Education at Chautauqua Institution: All are invited to attend a BTG lecture from renown nature experts, participate in a lake walk, take part in a garden tour or bring your binoculars for a bird chat and more. Connect with Chautauqua Bird, Tree and Garden Club as we Explore, Enjoy and Engage with nature: in the gardens, along the lakeshore, amongst the trees in Arboretum and in the lecture hall and outdoor classrooms! Nature Invites ~ Indulge! Full program schedule listed below.

Thank you for participating in BTG's House & Garden Tour - a Good Time was had by all! Enjoy a slide show below ~


House & Garden Tour July 12 Week 3

A cross section of diverse public and private gardens along with an eclectic mix of homes comprise the 2018 tour, each with docents sharing interesting facts and anecdotes. Thank you to all involved who made this day a success on the grounds of the Chautauqua Institution.

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BTG 'Garden' bus tour Aug 16 2pm by Betsy Burgeson

Board an air conditioned bus and enjoy commentary by Betsy Burgeson, Supervisor of Landscapes and Gardens as she leads a tour of the 'signature' Institution gardens.  Purchase a $5 ticket at the Main Gate Information Counter. Bus departs 2pm at the main gate depot. 1 hour duration 


Exploring Gardens at Chautauqua

Gardens are synonymous with Chautauqua. Visit these diverse gardens throughout the grounds. Follow along with the garden map reading descriptions and historic information. An 18 month plant census in progress! BTG offers many 'guided discovery' tours.


Butterflies & Blooms 

BTG Master Gardeners are available to meet at your garden to discuss how to evolve it into a habitat. Schedule a complimentary meeting to learn about attractive native plants and other ways to phase in pollinators, milkweed, shrubs, using less water and without pesticides.   


2018 Program brochure! 

Bring your lunch and healthy appetite for a nature lectures on Mondays and Tuesday 12:15 at Smith Wilkes Hall. Learn about the natural world from renown experts. At meet up points throughout the grounds gather for chats, walks, talks - all free to the public. 


monarch Moments and more

The monarch presents an invitation to explore a broad range of topics such as pollinators, nectar plants, floral photography, raised beds, bees and trees! See this expanded set of speakers and topics Mondays 12:15 at Smith Wilkes Hall and bring your lunch!