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BTG Announced Butterflies & Blooms Program for 2017

In 2017, BTG will open an exciting new chapter in its long history of helping to beautify Chautauqua.  Butterflies and Blooms is an initiative focused on helping Chautauquans create eco-friendly habitats in their gardens here and at their off-season homes.  Butterflies and Blooms will replace Chautauqua in Bloom, the garden recognition created In 1999 by BTG Board Member Barbara Zuegel and her late husband, Rick. Under Barbara's excellent leadership, Chautauqua in Bloom has helped transform the Institution's many privately-owned gardens. A natural transition, Butterflies and Bloomswill focus on homeowners' use of native plantings, the elimination of pesticides and herbicides, and the utilization of organic fertilizers and a focus on monarch related nectar plants within more easily sustained habitats.  

Homeowners who wish to participate in Butterflies and Blooms can consult with BTG's master gardeners, and upon completion of their garden habitats, will receive recognition for their contribution to the health of the local ecosystem.  Participants will be encouraged to certify their gardens with, a national organization devoted to reversing the extreme decline observed within the Monarch butterfly population.  

Milkweed - an important foundation plant in any monarch habitat

Milkweed - an important foundation plant in any monarch habitat

Local landscape firms can receive training from BTG and Chautauqua's Supervisor of Gardens and Landscapes, Betsy Burgeson, so that they can employ eco-friendly methods and plant material when they install or maintain gardens at  Chautauqua. BTG will offer native plants for sale each season and will work with local nurseries to provide a selection of natives for purchase.  

Butterflies and Blooms will be held every other year beginning in 2017, alternating with BTG's House Tour, and will feature a hands-on Monarch demonstration.  Butterflies and Blooms will be chaired by BTG Board Member, master gardener, and local resident Chris Flanders. More details on registration etc will be available on this site.