University Park Rain GARDEN

Location: 60 North Lake Drive
What's Nearby: University Park, The President's Cottage, below the School of the Arts 

Physical Characteristics: University Beach Rain Gardens were excavated and planted in 2015 as a sequential rain garden, trapping runoff water before it enters Chautauqua Lake. Deep rooted native plants slow the flow of the water and are also drought resistant. Using rocks and a deep concave design, the center is for more wet footed plants while the edges can hold more well drained soil plants.

Historic/Endowment: This garden was recently endowed.

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Plant census in progress for the next 18 mos observing 2 full summer seasons + year round. Updates in progress throughout.

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Blue False Indigo, Black Eyed Susan, Queen Anne's Lace, Russian Sage, Astilbes, bee balm, New England Asters, Cardinal flowers, turtlehead, foam flowers, swamp milkweed, Joe Pye Weed, butterfly milkweed, switchgrass, sneezeweed

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Coming soon