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Thursday Mornings 7:30 - 8:15am
Meet at the intersection of Massey and Hawthorne near the entrance to the Secret Silo Garden.
Led by Kate Mayberry.
Forest Bathing is a new program for both the BTG and for Kate! Many of you will know Kate from the very popular Special Studies Yoga classes she has taught for years at Chautauqua. A certified yoga instructor, registered nurse, mother of three and long-time Chautauquan,
Kate says, "I am excited to share the magic of the woods with all nature lovers!"
Forest bathing is not a hike or a fitness program.
Forest bathing is an opportunity to engage with the natural world- by engaging and opening our senses- we bridge the gap between ourselves and the natural world.
There will not be a lot of talking or interacting with each other during this time. Instead, as we are walking slowly we will be seeing, smelling, tasting (with caution) touching.

Why is this beneficial? 
Forest bathing is an effective nervous system reset. Hopefully participants will continue with their day feeling refreshed and restored.
“We may not travel very far on our forest walk, but in connecting with nature, forest bathing (in Japanese, shinrin-yoku) takes us all the way back to our true selves.” Dr. Qing Li
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