Stormwater Park

Location: Corner of Palestine and Forest Lane
What's Nearby: Norton Hall and McKnight Hall.

Physical Characteristics: The Kiblin Stormwater Management Park transforms a prior parking lot into a stunning and environmentally functional naturalized area. Its variety of trees, shrubs, and perennials, together with a central small stream (providing habitat for fauna), comprise this bioswale - a sloped area designed with the appropriate vegetation to direct and remove debris and pollution from surface runoff water. 

The Kiblin area begins adjacent to Palestine Avenue, where Fletcher’s water “daylights” as it emerges from an underground pipe. The area, primarily sunny, is landscaped with meadow and wetland plants. The LeVan garden serves as the enty point on the SW corner with a formal boxwood-edged center garden surrounded by a variety of summer blooming shrubs such as spirea and hydrangea. As with Fletcher, plants used here are native: indigenous and well-adapted to the region’s geologic and climate conditions, and important in maintaining the symbiotic relationships among flora and fauna. A posted plaque explains the reasoning behind the plants, structures, and porous surface paths that promote management of storm water. Kiblin Park’s water flows through a sloped series of interconnected bioswale retention areas - essentially, stepped rain gardens -  shaped and linked with created hardscapes and stabilized with particularly well-suited shoreline plantings.
The lower end of Kiblin is directed underground and under Pratt Avenue, where its waters emerge into the North End Ravine and travel on to Chautauqua Lake. Take a 'guided discovery tour' of this garden Wednesdays at 9:15 starting at Fletcher Rain Garden during the Chautauqua season. 

Historical Context: The Ryan Kiblin garden is named for the former gardens manager of Chautauqua’s Grounds, from 2002 to 2014.  This landscaped area was designed and built under her supervision and dedicated in Ryan's honor in 2015. The Bird Tree and Garden Club initiated endowing this garden. Composed of two endowed gardens, the LeVan and the Ryan Kiblin Garden.

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Serviceberry, Redbud Trees, White Fringe Tree, Larch Trees, Spicebush, Spirea, Blue False Indigo

Milkweed, Coneflower, Hydrangeas, Lobelia, Sunflowers, White Fringe Trees, Liatris


Goldenrod, Asters, Milkweed, Bayberry Seeds


Redtwig Dogwood

 FEATUREd Flora 

Crocus welcome spring temps

Crocus welcome spring temps

Signage informs about function

Signage informs about function