_______ GARDEN

Location: Intersection of South and Wythe Streets
What's Nearby: Chapel of the Good Shepherd, Hall Of Christ 

Physical Characteristics: Located at the intersection of South and Wythe Streets adjacent to both the Chapel of the Good Shepherd and the Hall of Christ, this triangular shaped garden has been transformed into a nature oasis beckoning to the bride. Formerly overgrown, this garden renovation has taken place over 2015-2017 off seasons. The color scheme is blue and white mirroring the nuptual phrase, something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. The 4 foot talll slender vase was transformed with a bright blue coat of paint, formerly black. The vase's cascading annuals draw the visitor to this garden.  The remaining flowers are white against a variety of green leaves and plants. A small concrete bench at the top of the triangle is a nice spot for photographs. 

Endowment: This garden was recently endowed.

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