Chautauqua Bird Tree and Garden Club presents

Chautauqua in Bloom

2015 Garden Recognition Event


The Bird, Tree and Garden Club added this new trial category, ECO-FRIENDLY GARDEN to Chautauqua in Bloom 2015 to support our interest in doing everything possible to save our lake.  Chautauqua Institution and many in the Chautauqua Lake watershed are implementing new ecological practices to prevent further contamination of this great asset.  BTG hopes that gardeners will do their part and embrace the following practices:

  1. Use of native plants:biodiversity of native species; hardiness; erosion control with mature roots; attract pollinators and butterflies; provide food source for wildlife 
  2. Water management: applications that reduce erosion; use of permeable surfaces; rain barrels; rain gardens in suitable locations; direction of runoff to the ground, not drainage ways; use of mulch  and soaker hoses
  3. Improving habitats: use various height plantings; limit mowed lawn; eliminate or reduce chemical fertilizing; eliminate or reduce herbicide/ pesticide application

 If you are registering your garden as an ECO-FRIENDLY GARDEN please answer the following:

  1. List the native plants in your garden:
  2. Describe any efforts made to manage storm water and water use.
  3. Describe any efforts to improve wildlife habitat:
  4. To what extent have you eliminated chemical fertilizing?
  5. To what extent have you eliminated using herbicides and or pesticides?


*If you are registering your garden in the category of  GARDEN, SHADE GARDEN or CONTAINER GARDEN and wish to increase your score because you have incorporated  any ecological  practices, please indicate what you have done in the space provided on the other side designated by the *.