Gardens at chautauqua

The Chautauqua Institution is a place of great natural beauty nestled in the bucolic landscape of western New York state. While the Institution comprises over 750 acres, its gardens and those of private residences are located predominantly throughout the 250 acres surrounding the homes and buildings of this historic place and along Chautauqua Lake's shoreline. There is tremendous diversity in the gardens regarding plant material, size, type, theme, formality, hardscape, etc. Scroll thru the garden pages noting the plants, what's in bloom, photographs of the flora, historic context, endowment, etc. An 18 month plant census is in progress recording trees, shrubs and perennials.  


Featured flora

Location: Stormwater Park
This tall late blooming species has a single flower with linear or broadly lanceolate leaves.


Betsy burgeson 

Chautauqua Institution Supervisor of Gardens and Landscapes
In her fifth season at Chautauqua, Betsy has taken the task of transforming the grounds to a new level by designing and implementing innovative ecologically and economically sound garden and landscape designs.   


map of gardens on the grounds

This 2018 map lists 26 gardens on the map of the grounds. Also included is a brief description of each garden.  Please, take photos.


From garden to habitat: how to!

Creating Healthy Habitats in your garden is all about getting a mix of the right elements! Watch this space for instruction specifically designed to help the busy home owner who has a heart for the environment.