Patriotic July 4 pair of arrangements on the altar for Independence Day

Patriotic July 4 pair of arrangements on the altar for Independence Day

Chapel of the Good Shepherd Garden

Location: Corner Wyeth, Park and South
What's Nearby: Hall of Christ, Thunder Bridge, Bride's Garden 

Physical Characteristics: This corner garden boasts red and white flora to match the bold red door and traditional white painted wooden exterior. Daisies, White Nancy, bold Bee Balm and other natives provide blooms season-long. Hosta and Nine bark provide foundation foliage for arrangements.  A further side and back yard are filled with shade loving shrubs and perennials such as spirea and astilbe. Yew, arborvitae and rhododendron complete the diverse foliage. It's the intention to use flowers from the garden on the altar and columbarium and that's begun in 2018. Future plantings intend to use native perennials with a red or white flower or interesting foliage that can be used in floral arrangements and hearty enough to endure harsh western NY winters.

Historical Context: Often described as 'the jewel of Chautauqua', Episcopalians have been worshiping here for 125 years. Independent from the Institution, this summer chapel welcomes all to enter for respite and prayer. Its interior completely renovated in 2016, the eight stained glass side windows were installed for the chapel’s centennial in 1994. The chapel was recently featured on the Bird, Tree and Garden 2018 house and garden tour.


Rhodendron, Nine Bark, Astilbe, Spirea

Nine Bark 
Beard Tongue
Bee Balm
Stella D’ora Day Lillies
Black Cohause
Becky Shasta Daisy
Cardinal Flower
Cone Flower Echinacea
White Nancy Dead Nettle
Tree Hydrangea
Joe Pye Weed


Grasses, barberry

Christmas Wreaths on the doors!