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Week Four: Monarchpalooza!

Location: Lincoln Park Noon - 3:30pm

Pick up a Monarch Passport and travel thru BTG's experiential learning event. Journeying thru stations, examine every stage of the monarch life cycle.  Observe and explore egg laying, larve, chrysalis, to the Monarch's full glory.  Knowledgable docents will facilitate observation, provide commentary, help participants to measure each monarch caterpillar instar, investigate their mouthparts and bite patterns, observe chrysalides, and hand-feed adult butterflies. Engage in this unique exciting guided discovery. Guest experts on Monarchs will be on hand from Audubon Nature Community Center, Roger Tori Peterson Institute, Chautauqua Lake Central School teachers and Jack and Diane Voelker, all local monarch enthusiasts ready to share and help you explore.

The event culminates when you present your completed passport in order to enter a 20'x10' tent of monarchs. They'll land on you if you wish and can be fed by hand. Plenty of chance for Q and A all along the way. Pick up a magnifying glass and Be Amazed!  Be sure to attend BTG guest lecturer Laurie Stralow Harris on Monday and Tuesday before the event at 12:15 Smith Wilkes Hall.