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Week Five: Monarch Moments & More


“Forests, Gardens, and Digital Tools for Teaching and Research at Powdermill Nature Reserve"
Speaker/Guide: Dr John Wenzel

Director, Powdermill Nature Reserve Carnegie Museum of Natural History
Location: Smith Wilkes Hall

Complementing the traditional field guide, modern digital tools can provide the user much greater utility and flexibility. Dr. Wenzel will demonstrate several state-of-the-art tools used for teaching and research in Powdermill’s forests and gardens. These include gigapixel images, interactive software, 3-D models, UAV (drone) imaging, and an Augmented Reality experience that the audience can share after the talk!

John Wenzel started studying insects at age 19 when he was a field assistant in Panama to famous entomologist and sociobiologist Edward O. Wilson. His career has taken him to many remote locations around the world, with more than three years in the field in tropical America and Africa, and a year in Europe. He has held positions at the National Museum of Natural History in Paris, France, and at the American Museum of Natural History, New York. He joined Ohio State Department of Entomology in 1994, where he was a professor for 17 years and won the highest teaching award Ohio State gives. He served as Director of the OSU Museum of Biological Diversity for ten years. John joined the Carnegie Museum of Natural History in 2011, where he has built new education and research programs at Powdermill Nature Reserve. John’s primary research has been on social insects such as ants, bees, and wasps, with a focus on the evolution of complex behavior and the organization of work. At Powdermill Nature Reserve, he founded an award-winning temperate ecology course for graduate students from Latin America. He and his staff also apply emerging technology to ecosystem science, such as their leading programs in using drones to capture landscape-level data, or using gigapixel technology to provide teaching tools for citizen scientists, and Virtual Reality 3D botanical models used for fun and teaching.

MONARCH MOMENTS AND MORE Bring your lunch and a healthy appetite for learning on Mondays 12:15pm in Smith Wilkes Hall. Expanding beyond solely discussing Monarchs, settle in for a lecture about a topic related to the natural world with a wide range of interesting speakers.


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