Location: Intersection of South Lake Drive and South Street
What's Nearby: The Youth Activities Center and Heinz Beach 

Physical Characteristics: Right in the middle of this busy section of Chautauqua with children riding their bikes to and from Boys and Girls Club, sits a mature, colorful and lively perennial garden surrounding 3 generous benches in a U-shaped configuration. A large perennial bed filled with butterfly loving blooms is bordered by a rock wall and rose hedge.  There is a stone path and bench area with a spectacular view of the lake.  The upper hillside is covered in myrtle with an ornamental grass border along the street. From dawn to dusk, this is a great gathering point for friends to enjoy the view of the lake or have lunch or participate in a BTG lecture.

Endowment: This garden was created in memory of Roy and Dorothy Wissel by their children.  The garden was designed around Dorothy’s love of butterflies.

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Plant census in progress for the next 18 mos observing 2 full summer seasons + year round. Updates in progress throughout.

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Daisies, Day Lilly, Cone flower, Queen Anne's Lace, 

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