Amphitheater GARDENs

Location: Amphitheater
What's Nearby: Amphitheater

Physical Characteristics: The newly constructed Amphitheater is replete with colorful perennials and shrubs. It's rain gardens and native plantings along the fence line attract butterflies and soften otherwise hard surfaces. Lakeside, a handsome rock hewn garden acts as a catch basin for water prior to it entering the lake. The rocks act as a filtration system. The hearty plants can accommodate temperature and weather extremes.  

Endowment: This garden was developed in conjunction with the construction of the new Amphitheater. The gardens along the fence and brick wall are colorful native plants and shrubs that soften these hard surfaces. The lakeside garden is engineered with a wide range of materials creating an extensive rain garden eco-system that will continue to evolve. 

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Plant census in progress for the next 18 mos observing 2 full summer seasons + year round. Updates in progress throughout.

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Milkweed, sedem, Cone flower, 

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