The Burr Oak

Dedicated to Tom Becker (August 2016)                                        by the Chautauqua Bird, Tree & Garden Club

Thirty two years of love and dedication                 much of it spent for our education.

In development he was a star                            looking for funding both near and far.

Up the ladder and right to the top                           and while at the pinnacle he never stopped.

In winter time, when came the snow                         to Arizona and Florida he managed to go.

Thanking the donors who with a passion                 kept our Chautauqua in tip top fashion.

And like this burr oak which tolerates stress                it grows strong and sturdy like Tom ,we confess.

With a kind word and a great big smile                     he always would greet us in that Tom Becker style.

The gifts that he gave us will continue for years      we'll sing out his praises so everyone hears

How Chautauqua is known both far and wide      through his good works and especially his pride.

We're grateful to him for his foresight and drive following his footsteps, we'll endeavor to strive.

So Chautauqua will flourish and be cherished by all   and who like Tom Becker will answer the call.                  

                  by Caroline Van Kirk Bissell